Web strategy/new site planning

The most important step in planning a new or rebuilt site is to identify the goals: What is the site for? Who is the target audience? What are the expected deliverables? By identifying a clear set of business/organizational goals for the site with specific expected results, we put the project on a path toward maximum ROI. See details of our planning/build process here.

Business/institutional goal planning

A website should work for you, rather than you working for it, as an integral component of your big-picture strategy and daily workflow. With clear goals and effective planning, the website becomes a tool that your clients and staff use to facilitate daily tasks and further your mission. Without proper attention to web-specific organizational/business goals, a website can quickly become a burden—another thing someone has to manage—rather than an asset. We will focus on identifying clear, achievable, and measurable goals for your site.

Web design and development

What's the right amount of design and development? We generally believe that less is more: Don't clutter the site with extraneous content and features that can bog down the users. Instead, implement a simple design and clean, clear features that draw the site visitor's attention to the value you bring to the table, and encourage the visitor to interact with your business or organization.

Responsive/mobile design

Our theming process is based on the core assumption that the site has to be functional and look good, no matter what-size device a visitor is using. We follow current best practices in designing the mobile experience, and particularly in making all the site content equally available for desktop and mobile devices. Your site won't be in any way diminished for mobile—it's the same great site, formatted to work on a small screen.

Lead generation

The main objective for most sites, whether for a for-profit business or a non-profit organization, is usually to acquire leads. Unions want recruitment leads; businesses want sales leads; membership organizations want new membership and fundraising leads. We build easy-to-use lead forms with customizable messaging: On every lead-generating page, your messaging is clear, and the path is obvious, so the visitor doesn't have to hunt to find the next step.

SEO and analytics

Drupal, by design, is highly tuned for SEO and website analytics. In technical terms, the page markup is excellent, so web crawlers for Google and other search engines can read the content effectively, and the back-end tools for fine-tuning metatags and other SEO elements are powerful and easy to use. Integration with Google Analytics is a breeze, and Drupal provides many excellent add-on tools for sites that require more complicated campaign-based analytics.

Website redesigns

Nobody wants to deal with a website redesign. We've been building sites for over a decade, and have yet to see a client who doesn't dread having to spend the time and effort to re-do the website. We can't relieve you of all the work, but we have enough experience on our end to substantially reduce the time you have to invest on yours. We make the process run smoothly and efficiently.

By employing a crystal-clear, goal-oriented process, we eliminate the pain of transitioning from the old site to the new one. We will clearly delineate the input we do need from you, but we won't subject you to a long, slow slog. Our clients are surprised at how quickly and efficiently we work.

New feature development

Business and organizational goals change, and new or evolving requirements for the website are to be expected. We create solutions that leverage time-tested, solid modules and tools to build site features, to maintain scalability of data structures, and to use custom-coded solutions sparingly, so the site can grow and change with your business.

We have extensive experience building a wide range of features: call-to-action forms, blogs, news pages, staff lists, slideshows and carousels, members-only pages and content, campaign pages, custom forms, notifications, spam control, event lists, scheduling, calendars, job postings and applications/resume submissions, testimonials and reviews, embedded videos, custom reports ... and dozens of other types of features. And when a custom-coded solution is needed, we're here to manage the process.

CRM implementation and management

As open-source fans, our favorite CRM environment is CiviCRM, and we are experts at implementing and managing it. CiviCRM is a very mature, powerful constituent relationship management application. Because the software is open-source, you don't pay a monthly fee to use it. A large and dedicated developer community constantly adds and updates the codebase, and you don't have to pay for that, either.

Best of all, it seamlessly integrates with your Drupal website, enabling complex, highly useful connections between your contact data and everything else in the site, such as event registration, payment of membership dues and renewals, role-based access to certain (members-only) content, and detailed administrative reports to help you manage your contacts

Talk to us about how Drupal and CiviCRM can save you time, money, and effort, and support membership acquisition and retention success.


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